Rural England
吹奏楽で 綴る イングランド 郊外 の 旅
近衛 騎兵
ザ・ブル−ズ & ロイヤルズ軍楽隊
The Band of the Blues and Royals
(Royal Horse Guards and 1st Dragoons)
Conducted by Major Roger G. Tomlinson


曲 目
Side A
Sussex by the Sea (Ward-Higgs /arr. Retford)
Farmer's Boy (trad./arr. R. Tomlinson)
The Lincolnshire Poacher (trad./arr. R. Tomlonson)
Hunting the Hare (trad./arr. R. Tomlonson)
Sir Roger de Coverley (trad./arr. R. Tomlonson)
Widdicombe Fair (trad./arr. R. Tomlonson)
Come Lasses and Lads (trad./arr. R. Tomlonson)
The Floral Dance (Moss /arr. R. Tomlinson)
She's a Lassie from Lancashire (Murphy, Lipton and Neat)
On Ilkla Moor Baht 'At (trad./arr. R. Tomlonson)
Blaydon Races (trad./arr. R. Tomlonson)
Now is the Month of Maying (trad./arr. R. Tomlonson)
Cherry Ripe (Horn /arr. Myddleton)
The Lass of Richmond Hill (trad./arr. R. Tomlonson)
Billy Boy (trad./arr. R. Tomlonson)
Greensleeves (trad./arr. R. Tomlonson)
Green Grow the Rushes O' (trad./arr. R. Tomlonson)
Here's a Health unto His Majesty (Saville /arr. R. Tomlinson)
Rose of England (Coward /arr. R. Tomlinson)
Old Father Thames (O' Hogan /arr. R. Tomlinson)
There'll always be an England (Parker-Charles /arr. R. Tomlinson)
Side B
The Cornish Floral Dance (Moss /arr. Bashford)
The Oak and the Ash (trad./arr. Grundman)
Barbara Allen (trad./arr. Grundman)
The British Grenadiers (trad./arr. Grundman)
Keep Yer Feet Still Geordie Hinny (trad./arr. Harrison)
Dance to Your Daddy (When the Boat Comes In) (trad.)
Bobby Shaftoe (trad./arr. Harrisonr)
Scarborough Fair (trad. /arr. Sharpe)
Early One Morning (trad. /arr. Bashford)