British Berlin Tattoo 1977
Silver Jubilee Year Tribute
エリザベス女王 即位 25周年 記念
イギリス軍 による ベルリン タットゥ−
夜間 軍楽 演奏会
Bands: Welsh Guards, Royal Scots, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, The Queen's Regiment, The Royal Hussars, The Parachute Regiment & Royal Air Force Germany, etc.


曲 目
Band of the Welsh Guards
Opening Flourishes (Taylor)
Men of Wales (Ellis)
Men of Harlech (trad.)
Triple Crown (arr. Brien)
The Rising of the Lark (trad.), etc.
Massed Bands
Imperial Echoes (Arnold Safroni)
Prussian Glory (trad.)
Grandiosso (Liszt)
Jesus Christ Superstar (Rice / Lloyd Webber)
Slaves Chorus (arr. Kenny), etc.
Massed Pipes and Drums
Sleep Dearie Sleep (trad.)
Oft in the Stilly Night (trad.)
Glasgow Week in Hamburg (McAllister)
Meeting of the Waters (trad.)
Orange and Blue (trad.)
The Roes among the Heather (trad.)
Standard on the Braes O' Mar (trad.), etc.
Finale- Massed Bands with Combined Choirs
State Fanfare (trad.)
Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke / arr. Brown)
Trumpet Tune and Air (Purcell / arr. Taylor)
Trumpet Prelude (arr. Kenny)
Coronation March (Meyerbeer)
Vivat Regina (arr. Taylor)
Crown Imperial (Walton)
Lead Kindly Light (trad. / arr. Taylor)
Ode to Joy (Beethoven / arr. Beat)
Salute to Berlin (Beat)
Berliner Luft (Lincke)