James Last - Last of Old England
James Last and his Orchestra

懐かしい イギリス民謡 名曲メドレ−

英国 ポリド−ル オリジナル LP 盤


曲 目
Side 1
1. The Lass of Richmond Hill - Rule Britannia - Blow, Blow, Thou Winter
  Wind - Bygone Dull Care

2. Polly Oliver - The Banks of Allen Water - Burton Ale
3. Where the Bee Sucks - Down Amongt the Banks of Roses - Early One
  Morning - The Vicar of Bray

4. Simon the Cellarer - Come Lasses and Lads
Side 2
1. The Girl I Left Behind Me - Hearts of Oak - The British Grenadiers
  - The Farmer's Boy

2. The Miller of Dee - Drink To Me Only - Widdecombe Fair
3. Under the Greenwood Tree - With Jockey to the Fair - Roast Beef of
  Old England - It was a Lover and his Lass

4. Phyllida and Corydon - Cherry Ripe