Salute to Heroes
イギリス 王立 海兵隊 艦隊 最高司令官付 軍楽隊
The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines
Commander-in-Chief Fleet, Chatham
Director of Music: Captain Peter A. Summer


曲 目
Side One
1. A Life on the Ocean Wave (Russell /arr. Dunn)
2. Heart of Oak (Boyce /arr. Dunn)
3. Sink the Bismark (Clifton Parker /arr. Neville)
4. Zeebrugge (Sumner)
5. Battle of the River Plate (Brian Easdale)
6. Flying Stations (Stovin Bradford)
7. Naval Occasion (Hubert Clifford /arr. Duthoit)
Side Two
1. The Preobrajensky March (Donajowsky /arr. Dunn)
2. Sergeant of Marines (Sumner)
3. The Amethyst March (Leighton Lucas /arr. Dunn)
4. The Mountbatten March (Dunn)
5. Anchors Aweigh (Zimmermann /arr. Newton)
6. a) Salute to Heroes (Dunn)
  b) Rule Britannia (Arne /arr. Woods)
7. a) Prelude and Sunset (Sumner)
  b) Soliloquy (Sumner)