Celtic knotwork & Japanese Crest

Surprisingly, there is the same design in both countries.

When a famous Japanese Rakugo storyteller 'Katsura Shijaku' had traveled Ireland, he found a watch as in the following photograph. He was surprised very much that the design of the picture on the watch is the same as that of the crest of the Katsura family. He bought it and gave it to his pupil 'Katsura Jakusaburou'.
As I have a question about the Irish origin of the design, I searched some web site.
And I found this site, Celtic Clip Art (Please click 'Trinity Knots')
Katsura Jakusaburou wears this watch, an Irish gift.
Photographed by Aona

Japanese crest like 'Trinity Knots'
This is the crest of the Katsura familiy.

'musibi' means 'tied'. 'kashiwa' means 'an oak tree'.
Musubi-kashiwa is arranged from Mitsu-kasiwa.

'Mitsu' means 'three'. 'kashiwa' means 'an oak tree'.

Katsura Jakusaburou performs Rakugo
which is traditional Japanese comic story telling.

A photograph when he was young, sorry.

A part of photograph magnified

Today's Jakusaburou
Photographed by Kin-jiro Miyazaki

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