Unusual Synthesizer Circuits

    I built original modular synths when I was a high school student.  Recently I joined synth-diy
mailing list and resumed synth DIY.  I'm not good at English but I am trying to write most of
the contents in English for the list members who have inspired me.

    This page is not for beginners, but for those who are looking for new synth circuits.  Most
of the circuits presented here are not the usual synth circuits.  Beginners must become
familiar with ordinary circuits before they can understand these unusual circuits.  I will not
answer questions from beginners because my English is not sufficiently good to explain these
complicated things to beginners.

    The information provided on this website is for non-commercial use only. Some works
may be covered under one or more patents. Contact Osamu Hoshuyama for information
on commercial use.

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