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I am Hanako,the Mix.
Welcome to my home page.

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Every day I go down to the river
with my master.

I'll show you my path.

sleepy Hanako

Cat I see a cat on the way.
Her ears look so nice that I feel like biting them.
But it scratches my face before I do it. Ouch!
On the bank I'm standing on the bank of the river.
The river flows to Tokyo Bay.
Golden Hanako Hey! Look!
I am a golden dog
Waiting for friends
I like running.

It's nicer to have friends to run with.
So I'm waiting for them.

Drinking water This is the river.
It is small but fish is jumping.
I drink a little bit.
In the temple Here we are in the temple.
You see the bell tower.
It tolls at five every afternoon.
Hearing it,we go home.
Tired Hanako
Woo! Tired.

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