We've got everything you need for mobile Go right here.
Our collection of Travel Go Sets include the best quality magnetic folding plastic sets available on line.
Compact Magnetic Go Set/MG-20

7,000 JPY

(1)Go Board:Plastic,Magnetic. 32,0 x 15,0 cm closed. 32,0 x 30,0 cm when open.

(2)Go Stones:Plastic,Magnetic, the diameter of the stone is 1,5cm.
・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・( 180 white stones & 181 black stones )

(3)Bag: comes with its own bag for storage and convenient transportation.


Our small size Magnetic Travel Go Set comes with a hinged, snap-closed plastic box that
opens up to a 32,0 by 30,0 cm Go board and closes tight to store all the go stones for
travel or storage. The magnetic Go Stones, which are much more detailed than you would
expect, are white and black. All of the Go Stones have magnetic bases keep them firmly
planted on the Go Board. This Go set is the perfect sets for new students or for those
who want a nice playable Go set for travelling. It also makes a gift or tournament prize.

Compact Magnetic Go Set/MG-20
(Board size: 32,0 x 30,0 cm when opened )

Go Board is closed inside Go Stones.
(Board size: 32,0 x 15,0 cm closed )

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