Table Chu Shogi Board

Spruce (SHIN-KAYA)
Size 1-sun
(approx.3,0cm thick of the board)

Note: "SUN" is an old Japanese scale unit. 1sun = approx. 3cm.

Wooden boards, one to two inches thick, are commonly used. They are known as
"table boards" because they are placed on tables. The wood grain is pleasing to
the eye, and the stones make a nice sound when placed firmly on the board.

Price: 11,800 JPY

Spruce (SHIN-KAYA) Table Chu Shogi Board, 1-sun (3,0 cm thick of the board)
Basic grain descriptions and types include:
"MASAME" straight - grain which runs in a single direction, parallel to the axis of the tree.
This is some pieces composition board.


Spruce (SHIN-KAYA) is useful as a building wood, commonly referred to by several different
names including North American timber, SPF (spruce, pine, fir) and whitewood. Spruce wood is
used for many purposes, ranging from general construction work and crates to highly specialised
uses in wooden aircraft, and as a tonewood in many musical instruments, including guitars,
mandolins, cellos, violins, and the soundboard at the heart of a piano and the harp.
The Wright brothers' first aircraft, the Flyer, was built of spruce.

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