Buy the rare parts from Yahoo Japan Auction.
We help your purchase!

We also help restoring your collectible car.

As most old Japanese car collectors do so, Yahoo! Japan Auction is the best place to get the parts for these kind of automobile.

Undoubtedly, Yahoo Japan Auctions is the biggest Auction Site in Japan.

There are millions of hot items constantly at cheaper than market price.
Even the parts which are very very rare and hard to find, you could find it.

See this page! English page of Yahoo Japan, autos parts category

As you see the pages look really like eBay.
So, you may be able to search and find the item by yourself.

The problem for you is that, most sellers do not ship overseas nor accept bids from people who do not speak Japanese.

But there is nothing to worry about.
We will help purchase your item.
That's our services.

The charge is a small commission,2000 yen in most cases.
But we will do our best to help you to get an item, contact a seller, make a payment and ship an item to you safely.

We combine international shipping as your request so you save your money.

We accept Paypal.

Please feel free to ask us with your requirements.


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