1976, in these days, pipe smoking was a little boom because of the
reason that it was better for health than smoking the cigarettes in Japan.

The pipes which I started smoking from 20 years old became quite a
number, and I completed a fine pipe in one day out of the first hand
made pipe-kit which was presented by my wife on my 40th birthday.

Since then, I was absorbed in making pipes and made more than 3.000
pipes in 30 years. These pipes are in favored with many Japanese
pipe smokers.

I was born in 1935 and am 76 years (2011) old. I was in business for
40 years, and besides I have been making pipes for 20 years.
13 years ago, I retired from business and could have more free time and
became to be able to enjoy many hobbies. Pipe making is also one of
my hobbies and it is not the purpose to obtain an income, but is a
creative activity aiming at making a pipe.

Mt.Myougi  2001' autumun

I make about 100 pipes in one year. Since I enjoy making pipes, I am not
going to make more. It seems that many pipe-makers decide his own
shape and design, and make it repeatedly. But in my case, pipe making
is a creation which asks for the enjoyment, and I am pursuing always new
Recently this site became to be known overseas and I receive
many inquiries. Then, I have added English page .

About a good pipe for me

Hand made pipe is a tool for smoking tabaco. But I think the pipe which
has fine grain of briar and is designed beautiful shape, further gives you
satisfaction of wonderful feeling when you touch, is an art. I believe the
pipe is close to ceramic art which has firm status as an art ,
and the requirements for such pipes are;

1.To use for long years, trouble-free precision and construction, and a
procurement of good briar.
2. Tabaco to be nice taste, for that the shape of bowl, diameter of flue,
flow of smoke, etc. to be taken in consideration.
3. Quality of briar and grain to be good, and flawless.
4. Grain to be expressed clearly and design composed of beautiful
stream of curved lines , matching grain.
5. The pipe, not getting tired of, the more you use, the more you get used
to, becoming attached to it and can not part with.

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