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This page is for farmers who are practicing low input rice cultivation.

Specially the rice-duck (Aigamo) farming is main space.@

1. Japan Rice-Duck Farming Society's regulations @
more information in Japanese

2. Profile of Takao Furuno (founder of Rice-Duck Farming)

3. Rice-Duck (Aigamo) Farming book

4. How to Rice-Duck Farming on Transplanting System
(under constructing)

5. How to Rice-Duck Farming on Direct Seeding System

(coming soon)

6. Seed treatment technology
more information in Japanese

7. Seed production practice
(in future)

8. Kyushu trip with my son
(sorry this page in Japanese)

9. Tamatsukuri Aigamo Farmers (TAF)
Practice on Rice-Duck Farming (natural farming) in Japan
more information in Japanese

Related technologies

Azolla : Dr. WATANABE's HP

Aigamo Center : Dr. HAYASHI's HP


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